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Internships in INRIA for March-August 2013

Internships in INRIA (OAK team) on Data optimizations and architectures for complex large data

INRIA welcomes undergraduate/graduate students from all over the world that are willing to work for a short period of time (max 6 months) on hot topics of database management research. INRIA often (but not always) recruits PhD students among the MS interns of the year.

Interns typically join INRIA in March-August.

Current open topics (for 2013):

  1. Query optimization for Business Intelligence (description here)
  2. Take What you Need: Efficiently Querying Semantic Web Data (description here)

Older Oak internships topics (closed now) are:

  1. Partitioning RDF for cloud-based scalable processing (description here)
  2. Distributed multi-level dissemination of Web data (description here)
  3. Query rewriting techniques for ontology-based data access (description here)