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Undergraduate Programme Curriculum

Each course code has the form XYZ, where X represents the type of the course and Y the area which it belongs to. Courses offered for students of other Departments have, by default, type 0. Compulsory courses are of 1st, 2nd or 3rd type, restricted elective courses are of 4th type while the Diploma Project is of 4th type. Course areas have code 1 (Theory), 2 (Computer Systems), 3 (Troubleshooting) and 4 (Applications). General content courses have area code 0. The direction of Software Engineering has code 6 and the direction of Computer Systems and Networks has code 7. The General Direction has not gotten any code, since the courses are offered from other areas.

Below we cite the indicative programs offered by the Department since the academic year 2016/2017, as well as the courses linked with each specialisation.




First Semester CS111 Discrete Structures in Computer Science and Computation 7,5
CS131 Programming Principles 7,5
MAS012 Calculus  I 5
LAN100 General Advanced English 5
  Elective Course 5
  CS121 Digital Systems 7,5
Second CS133 Object Oriented Programming 7,5
Semester MAS013 Calculus  II 5
  LAN111 English for Computer Science 5
  MAS029 Linear Algebra 5
Third CS221 Computer Organization and Assembly Programming 7,5
Semester CS231 Data Structures and Algorithms 7,5
  CS232 Programming Techniques and Tools  
  MAS055  Probability and Statistics 7
  CS202 Explorations into Computer Science 3
  CS211 Theory of Computation 7,5
Fourth CS222 Operating Systems 7,5
Semester CS236 Algorithms and Complexity 7,5
  Elective  Course 5
  CS324 Communications and Networks 7,5
Fifth CS342 Database Systems 7,5
Semester CS343 Software Engineering 7,5
  CS341 Artificial Intelligence 7,5
  CS325 Parallel Processing 7,5
Sixth CS326 Systems Security 7,5
Semester CS344 Internet Technologies 7,5
  Elective Course 7,5
  CS400 Diploma Project I 5
Seventh Restricted Εlective Course within the Direction 7,5
Semester Restricted Elective Course within the Direction 7,5
  DDE 468 Enterpreunership and Innovation 5
  Elective Course  
  CS401 Diploma Project II 10
Eighth Restricted Elective Course 7,5
Semester Restricted Elective Course 7,5
  Elective Course 5

Elective Courses from Physics, Chemistry, and Biological science departments 

BIO102 Integrative Biology of Organisms
PHY131 General Physics I: Mechanics, Waves and Thermodynamics
PHY132 General Physics II: Electricity, Electromagnetic and Optics
CHE121 Intoduction to Chemistry

 Elective Courses for Specialisation: Computer Networks 

CS422 Advanced Networks
CS423 Network and Information Security
CS427 Mobile Computer Networks
CS428 Internet of Things: Programming and Applications
CS421 Systems Programming
CS432 Distributed Algorithms

 Elective Courses for Specialisation: Fundamentals of Computer Science 

CS411 Programming Languages Semantics
CS412 Logic in Computer Sciences
CS431 Synthesis of Parallel Algorithms
CS432 Distributed Algorithms
CS433 Constraint Programming and Satisfaction
CS495 Special Issues in Computer Science: Computational Complexity

 Elective Courses for Specialisation: Big Data and Internet Computing* 

CS421 Systems Programming
CS446 Advanced Topics in Databases
CS448 Data Mining on the Web
CS481 Software Engineering for Software as a Service
MAS458 Statistical Data Analysis

 Elective Courses for Specialisation: Real World Computation 

CS426 Computer Graphics
CS447 Computer Vision
CS435 Human Computer Interaction
CS444 Computational Intelligent Systems
CS445 Digital Image Processing

 Elective Courses for Specialisation: Artificial Intelligence 

CS433 Constraint Programming and Satisfaction
CS434 Logic Programming and Artificial Intelligence
CS442 Computational Learning Systems
CS444 Computational Intelligent Systems
CS445 Digital Image Processing
CS447 Computer Vision
CS448 Data Mining on the Web

 Elective Courses for Specialisation: ftware Engineering 

CS441 Advanced Software Engineering
CS449 Professional Practice in Software Engineering
CS421 Systems Programming
CS435 Human Computer Interaction
CS443 Software Reuse
CS481 Software Engineering for Software as a Service

Elective Courses for Specialisation: Digital and Embedded Systems 

CS429 Theory and Practice of Compilers
CS421 Systems Programming
CS481 Software Engineering for Software as a Service
CS420 Computer Architecture
CS445 Digital Image Processing
CS428 Internet of Things: Programming and Applications

* Students of specialisation Big Data and Internet Computing can select the course MAS 458 Statistical Data Analysis from the Department of Mathmetics asnd Statistics. This mean that the total number of ECTS will be 0.5 less, since the course has 7 ECTS. The students are encouranged to attend a selective course to cover the 0.5 ECTS in their program.

Regarding the distribution of elective courses in the 4th year of their studies in both semesters, the student has the possibility to choose the following alternative program of study, is he/she wishes to:

7th Semester:

  • Diploma Project I
  • 3 Restricted Elective Courses
  • DDE 4XX Enterpreunership and Innovation

8th Semester:

  • Diploma Project II
  • 1 Restricted Elective Course
  • 2 Elective Courses