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MSc Artificial Intelligence at the University of Cyprus Application submission open until the 31st May 2023

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The Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, of the University of Cyprus, are excited to team up to offer a joint Master’s program in Artificial Intelligence! The MSc Artificial Intelligenceprogramme that was initiated by the Department of Computer Science in 2022, has recently transitioned into a bi-departmental program, and starting in September 2023, will be jointly offered by the two departments.

The programme is delivered in English as certified by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education. While Artificial Intelligence has been around for a great deal of time now, its benefits especially in the last few years, are gradually improving our everyday life. Video analytics, image understanding, natural language processing, are just a few AI algorithms take place in our everyday activities, and are already revolutionizing the way we act, work, travel, and interact with each other. Innovations in the Artificial Intelligence space have led to several benefits across multiple industries.

The jointly offered master’s programme, provides real-world applications and experience and is designed to prepare graduates for success in this fast-growing field. The programme is taught by world-class faculty with expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as experienced AI practitioners, and covers technical aspects that are critical to the AI field. There is a significant focus on practical applications of AI in business and industry, and the coursework focuses on a range of introductory and advanced AI-specific topics. While earning their degree, students will learn about practical, real-world AI applications in addition to theoretical concepts, containing a strong interdisciplinary element as required by modern human-centric, explainable, and responsible artificial intelligence. Its compulsory courses include courses on artificial intelligence and ethics, as well as on artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. Providing career counselling to students is a high priority, with the aim of helping all graduates to successfully pursue an AI-related career, possibly set up their own start-ups.

Each department has a limited number of positions available for admissions in the 2023 Fall semester, and applications can be submitted electronically using the online application systemhttp://ucy.ac.cy/postgraduate_appl_en by May 31st, until 12 noon A number of scholarships covering half the tuition fees are available.